FRIESLAND, Land van Oorsprong

Kaart LvO

"One of the most admirable things about history is that almost as a rule, we get as much information out of what it does not say as we get out of what it does say. And so, one may truly and axiomatically aver this: that history consists of two equal parts; one of these is statements of fact, the other is inference, drawn from the facts. To the experienced student of history there are no difficulties about this; to him the half which is unwritten is as clearly and surely visible, by the help of scientific inference, as if it flashed and flamed in letters of fire before his eyes. When the practised eye of the simple peasant sees the half of a frog projecting above the water, he unerringly infers the half of the frog which he does not see. To the expert student in our great science, history is a frog; half of it is submerged, but he knows it is there, and he knows the shape of it"

Mark Twain, "The Secret History of Eddypus"





  1. Uit die Newels van die Tyd
  2. Geboorte van ‘n Kultuur
  3. Vestiging van 'n Friesiese Leefstyl
  4. Die Friesiese Koninkryk
  5. Vroeë Middeleeue
  6. Laat Middeleeue
  7. Neustadtgödens
  8. Grawe van Friesland
  9. Martin Luther se Invloed
  10. Dertigjarige Oorlog
  11. Pruise en Frederik die Grote
  12. H.O.I.K.
  13. Zirke Jansen